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The Day Out of Time


Mixed media

25 x 10 x 10 in.

Time is in the mind, it is subjective. Our time is modeled through the perception of life. If this perception could be standardized and structured, our minds, and humanity, would act with more balanced practices. Under this concept, the League of Nations proposed a new and more logical calendar at the turn of the century, one that did not include leap years or a month’s name.
The calendar proposed by the League of Nations, before either of the destabilizing world wars, consisted of thirteen lunar months; each corresponding to the 28-day lunar cycle. Unfortunately, the proposal was not accepted due to an extra day that would throw the calendar off. While there are 365 days in our calendar year, the product of 13 and 28 gives only 364 leaving one extra day to a year. To this day they ascribed a name, “the day outside of time”. Regardless of the failure to its acceptance, 140 nations decided to honor a special day in their calendars. This special day is not only to be a day outside of time, but also “the day of the arts”- one day of experimental liberty, without reservations, but with the objective to promote peace and harmony in humanity through the observation of culture. The day they selected is the 25th of July in the Gregorian calendar.

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