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Press Release

El Arte de La Diáspora llega a al Museo de Coral Gables - 2019

Best Things To Do in Miami 2019 -

Miami Art Week 2019 - Chat with Exhibiting Artists


RAW Pop Up at the Historic Post Office Building – Art Basel 2017

How to Basel on A Budget, CBS Miami, December 2017  

            Nahila Campos retrocede el tiempo con “Thrid Generatttion”  


Live Active Culture, Orlando Weekley, August 2013

            Venezuelan Artist Nahila Campos at II Edition IBAEM, What’s Up Miami, June 2013


Primera Bienal de Arte en Miami, Key Biscayne Portal, June 2013


IBAEM: A lively collage of artworks at the Ironside, What’s Up Miami, June 2013


Discover Local Artists at Red Dot Art Fair, Palm Beach Pulse, December 2012,>


Entrevista con Nahila Campos, Con Estilo, NTP Television

Juguetes en la Vidriera Ideologica, El Nuevo Herald, Artes y Letras, November 2010, Pg. 6D

            Toys Art Us, Curator’s Voice Miami, Arte al Dia, Num. 134, 2010, Pgs. 91-92


Inspiring Surroundings Draws Artists to Key Biscayne, Pilar Bermudez, Key Biscayne Magazine, February 2007. Pg. 62

            Arias y Marionetas, La Isla Times, Key Biscayne, May 2006, Pg. 8

            My Lives, La Isla Times, Key Biscayne, December 2004, Pg. 33

            Una Muestra de Batalla, Belleza y Orgullo, Punto a Punto, Edicion Miami, Num. 22, 2003, Pg. 14


More Than Horses, La Isla Times, Key Biscayne, November 2003, Pg. 11Caballos Venezolanos en Coral


Gables, Venezuela al Dia, Julio 2003, Pg. 19

Upcoming Exhibitions



RAW X MDD Presents

RAW Pop Up – The Moore Building

May 11th to May 13th 2018



RAW is a 3-day, 5-floor multi-sensory pop up of art, music, and technology, redefining how art is experienced from May 11-13th at The Moore Building in partnership with the Miami Design District.

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