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Performance The Dance

Performance The Dance

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The Dance

At birth, we come out of our maternal box to enter the heart of the great box called world. Beginning this way, the interrelation between man's inner world and its surrounding world. This interrelation is affected by the boundaries of an imaginary space created by ourselves, trans-forming this world into a box; or better said a cube.

Getting out of the physical limits of the cube without transgressing well does not mean evil; it’s the natural search of balance. Flirting with the unreal, imitating it, is enjoying a world of ecstasy at its height. Music invites to dance, filling us with delight and freedom of move-ment that is liberated from the sublime beauty and perfection of the human being.

Who dances inside his inner world makes any limit of time and space disappears, achieving that the body enjoys at its fullness the essence of the existing world. Adding one drop to the sea is all that is needed, then wait for it to merge into the waves and start to dance until they caress the shore, to then touch again the true real world created by man, thus the cube.

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