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Group Exhibitions

2018: West Palm Beach Art Fair, Miami, Florida.

2017: RAW Pop Up, Art Basel, Miami, Florida.

2017: Pinta Art Fair, Wynwood, Miami,  Florida.

2017: Quorum, Wynwood Warehouse Project, Miami, Florida.

2016: Pinta Art Fair, Wynwood, Miami, Florida

2016: I Love Vzla Foundation, Art Auction, Ideobox Gallery Miami,Florida

2015: Pinta Art Fair, Wynwood, Miami. Florida.

2015: Biscayne Art House, Brickell. Miami Florida.

2015: David Castillo Gallery. Miami Beach Florida.

2015: Cultural Inst. Mexico Consulate, Miami.Florida.

2014: Banco Do Brazil, Brickell, Miami, Florida.

2013: Florida Artists Registry Exhibition, Orlando Museum of Art, FL.

2013: International Biennale Artists Exhibitions, The Ironside, Miami, FL

2013: La Isla Flotante, Wynwood Art Complex, Miami ,Florida

2012: Tzedaka Boxes, Wizo Florida, Miami Beach, Florida

2011: Arteamericas Art Fair, Miami, Florida.

2011: Mixed Voices, Curator’s Voice Art Projects, Miami, Florida.

2010: Toy’s “Art” Us, Curator’s Voice Art Projects, Miami, Florida.

2010: Ruta 2010. Bake House Art Complex, Wynwood. Miami, Florida.

2010: Valoarte, Costa Rica.

2010: The Deceptive’s Eye, Curators Voice Art Projects, Miami, Florida.

2010: Arteamericas Art Fair, Miami, Florida.

2009: Arte, Arquitectura, Ciudad. Colegio de Arquitectos de Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela

2009: Artrouge Gallery, Wynwood. Miami, Florida.

2009: Female Visual Voices, Wynwood. Miami, Florida.

2008: NOBE 67 Art, Deauville Beach Resort Hotel. Miami, Florida.

2008: 85 @ 85, miArte Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.

2008: Impressions of Miami Dade, Studio 1156, Miami, Florida.

2008: Auction 08: Contemporary Latin American Art, MOLAA, Museum of Latin American Art. Los Angeles, California.

2008: Pieces of Paradise, Key Biscayne Community Foundation, Miami, Florida.

2008: Tesori’darte Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.

2008: Trends, Arteamericas, Miami Beach, Florida.

2007: ArtExpo, Studio 1156. Miami, Florida..

2007: Miarte Gallery. Coral Gables, Miami Florida.

2006: 85 @ 85, miArte Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.

2006: Mitos y Leyendas, Studio 1156, Miami, Florida.

2006: Beyond Color, Luzma Gallery, Miami, Florida.

2005: Mi Ciudad, Studio 1156, Miami, Florida.

2005: Journey trough the Color, Luzma Gallery, Miami, Florida.

2004: Tropical Nights, Vizcaya Palace. Miami, Florida.

2004: Somos Tres, Missura, Coral Gables, Florida.

2004: Portraits, Studio 1156, Miami FL

2004: Artist in Residence Gallery. Coconut Grove, Florida.

2003: Duccio Castelli, Studio 1156. Miami, Florida.

2003: Art Expressions of Eight Women, Luzma Gallery, Miami, Florida.

2002: Galería Patio del Sol. Caracas, Venezuela.

2001: Galería Patio del Sol. Caracas, Venezuela.

1995: Biblioteca Raúl Leoni. Caracas, Venezuela.

1977: Salón lagoven . Caracas. Venezuela


Nahila Campos was born in Caracas in 1957. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and studied fine arts courses at the Taller de Candido Millan and Instituto Federico Brandt in Caracas.She has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions in Miami, Los Angeles, Venezuela and Costa Rica. She lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Driven by the interaction between internal and external perspectives, Nahila’s creative process arises through the representation of space as a reflection of society. Her line of work has evolved from expressive painting and figurative sculpture to collage and installations where she continuously manifests her architectural background through the concept of cities. Nahila’s work depicts a world that is not round and does not rotate smoothly. While playing with the constructs of memory and time she exalts the greatness of the smallness of things based upon man-made immediate scenarios, where she intends to reflect, in great detail, the molding behavior of individuals within society.

Solo Exhibitions

2017: Wynwood Loft, Miami Florida.

2014: Wynwood Nahila Campos Art Studio, Miami, FL.

2013: Thirdgeneratttion, Noisematch Studio, Miami, Florida.

2012: Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL.

2011: Miami Solo Art Fair, Miami, FL

2010: Open Studio. Wynwood Art Complex, Miami, Florida.

2008: Pool Art Fair, Hotel Cavalier, Miami, Florida.

2006: Arias y Marionetas, ACC Studio Miami Beach. Florida.

2004: Mis Vidas, The Wirtz Gallery. Miami, Florida.

2003: More than Horses, Citibank, Key Biscayne, Florida

2003: Nahila, Missura, Coral Gables, Florida.

1999: Medievales al Poder, Galería Chiflaos. Caracas, Venezuela.


B.A Architecture, Universidad Central de Venezuela (U.C.V.)

Graduate degree with topic “Arte Elemento Humanizador de la Arquitectura  (Art, humanizing element in Architecture). Architect and Urban School, Universidad Central de Venezuela (U.C.V.)

Visual Arts and Sculpture, Taller Candido Millan, Caracas , Venezuela.

Fine Arts, Instituto Federico Brant, Caracas, Venezuela.

Color Workshop, Adrian Pujol, Caracas Venezuela.​


Advance Drawing. Prof. Siobhan Mcbride, Miami Dade College, Flo.USA,        

Watercolor. Atelier Alupi, Loire, France.

Critica de Arte, NODE Center for Curatorial Studies

Introducciôn a la çuradurîa, NODE Center for Curatorial Studies

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