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Imaginary Cities

My work involves a reflection on sites and humans. I combine figurative elements of the cities and people that I have been exposed to in my trips. Urban situations, urban life deeply affects and transforms our existential experience as individuals. I am concerned with how the visual environment models our perception of the world. We are shaped and altered by the modes and manners of the city we lived in. The city becomes the scene of our pulsations and drives. We are like suspended marionettes hovering over multiple imaginary strings, perched over incidents and events that daily amend our lives. Urban scenery is represented through scattered elements and fragmented segments of the city: landmark buildings, such as Russian Byzantine churches, Art Deco theaters, Celtic palaces or ancients vestibules and arcades from Greek and Roman times pass through our eyes in looking the paintings; street elements such as light posts, park benches, trees; domestic elements, such as chairs, house fans, tables; house and public stairs and swimming pools; highways, tunnels, bridges, obelisks, and squares. They set as a delirious compound of city signals and urban paths we cross over each day of our lives I want to represent our city spaces as a new visual model. The viewer will be confronted to hectic and rambling locations where one can journey and stray. They are aerial spaces populated by surprises and dream like visions in which the most humble and unnoticed city components are spotlighted. 

The colors in my paintings represent emotional tones of the city landscapes.

My paintings focus on the ethos of life and the bliss of living.

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