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Mixed Media

Cold, warmth, shelter; opposing feelings that go hand in hand. Winter never comes by itself. Its mere existence depends on the existence of summer: its opposite. Winter brings both negative and positive repercussions that have been endured by man. It affects physically and psychologically. Fortunately, man has taken advantage of this bodily sensation to build around himself a world of infinite potential that not only helps him bear the cold,  but also long for it.

Is it so that we need extremes to act to our own benefit?


The Winter Hexagon ia a figure astronomical, shaped hexagon imagynary,visible during winter in thenorthern hemisphere. It is called Winter circle. Its vertices would correspond to Rigel, Aldebaran, Capella, Castor/Pollux, Procyon and Sirus.

If you join these vertices together you will discover the Winter Hexagon right before your eyes.

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