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Artist Statement

In the beginning of life, man exits his small maternal box to freely enter a much bigger surrounding called “world”.


The world I perceive is not round, nor easy. It does not rotate softly or continuously; like the one originally created by God. Man has created this world, but has also altered it, causing a decaying habitat.

If balance and peace are not achieved within ourselves, the original concept of liberty in the world will be ruined; creating a square world, where we are confined to restricting spaces. All objects that compose our world are filled with life and end up in one of two ways: in the trash or in our memories.


My work reflects the relation between the internal and external world of man and how the habitat he created alters and molds his own behavior. The concept is one where we part from an individual box that reflects our internal world, towards a bigger box that we transform in our own imaginary “scenarios”, “cities”, “galaxies” and “worlds”.

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