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Technology Trapped in a Generation


Mixed media installation

77 x 45 x 38 in.

This installation exposes the overwhelming advances of technology and it’s repercussions, not only scientific but also emotional: in something as delicate as…our feelings.
Fast and fascinating, it can trace us down to either one of two roads: the one to frustration or the one towards the satisfaction of the ability to dominate it.
The person I make reference to in this work, was he who, in 1952 pressed the button to air television for the first time in Venezuela.
After working with unconditional passion, he felt the violent change in his media craft, the base of his creation.
He gave his life away to that newly existing device: the television; and at his old age, he tried to understand the era of IT and ran after the train of technological innovation which advanced faster than his own pace, leaving him standing still and sad at the end of that train’s platform…

Let’s make use of our era advancements wisely, and do not allow this current to frustrate us or even lead us to something even more dangerous…the control of our emotions.
The generation I am referring to, which I in part lived, was the one of Jose Luis Sarzalejo…. My father.

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